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Desalination and Water Management within Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Generation

A fresh perspective on the water-energy-environment nexus within Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Generation. Responsible water governance, particularly in water-stressed regions, with emphasis on desalination. Key insights into water demands specific to Green Fuel projects, the importance of efficient treatment technologies, and strategies for managing generated effluents and side streams. insights into how we can harmonize environmental stewardship and industrial performance within Green Fuel initiatives.

The importance of large-scale storage in the green hydrogen industry.

While discussions often revolve around production methods and applications as well as demand and offtake, the critical aspect of large-scale storage is sometimes overlooked. However, recent advancements are addressing the challenges and filling the gaps in this crucial area. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of large-scale storage in the hydrogen industry, examine the challenges faced, and highlight recent advancements that are revolutionizing this vital area.

Renewable energy desalination is the way forward for GCC states

Projects in the Middle East are seeking to increase their use of renewable energy desalination. Mineral recovery from brine is an opportunity to embed a more circular economy. Water prices and natural resource scarcity.

Webinar - Construction Committee - Digitalization in the construction industry

This webinar focuses on Digitalization in the construction industry.

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Elements 2H2 I Webinar
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